Learn how to make your own skin care products

Want to make your own skin care products, but feeling unsure about where to begin?

Maybe you’ve tried making a few things and you’ve been disappointed by the results?

This free and exclusive DIY Skin Care for Beginners mini-course is exactly what you need!


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    Marie Rayma

    Formulator, Humblebee & Me

    How does it work?

    Sign up for free, confirm your subscription, and you’ll get your welcome email straight away 😄

    After that you’ll get your course shopping list. It’s short and everything is easy to get—you’ll spend about $50USD on ingredients & packaging. You’ve got a week to get everything before your first project arrives!

    Once you’ve got your ingredients you’ll get a new project in your inbox every five days. Each project is designed to teach you a new skill, complete with a downloadable PDF and video tutorial!

    What will I learn?

    • Six tested, foolproof skincare formulations
    • How to do more with simple, all-natural ingredients like shea butter & beeswax
    • Essential DIY skills that you'll use every time you create something
    • The keys to consistent batches
    • The secrets to perfectly smooth butters (every time!)
    • And so much more!